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Saturday, December 1, 2007 

Low Cost Dental Insurance Plans - Good Deal Or A Scam? Let's Take A Look

Are low cost dental insurance plans really providing the dental care that you and your family needs? Here are a few things to consider before you invest your money into a low cost dental insurance plan.

#1. Sometimes you get what you pay for. Low cost in most cases means inadequate coverage. You may only be paying $8-10 per month, but what are you really getting out of it? Discounted preventive care? Take a long, hard look at this before you buy.

#2. New dental insurance policies do not provide coverage for pre-existing conditions. This means that if you need to have a tooth pulled, you're on your own. Really, this is only right, if you think about it. Let's say that you just bought a used car and went to get it insured. You can bet that the agent is going to walk outside with a camera and take pictures of any dents and dings that were already there or "pre-existing". They don't want to have to pay for something that occurred before you bought your policy and dental insurance is no different.

#3. You'll still have to pay your annual deductible. Actually, this may be quite high if your premiums payments are that low. Your deductible is the amount that you must pay out of your own wallet before your insurance will pay one cent. Imagine this scenario...You buy one of those low cost dental insurance plans for cheap and then end up needing a root canal six months later. Your annual deductible is $1,000, so you must pay the usual fee of $800 yourself because you haven't met your annual deductible yet. Oh, and you still have to pay your premium payments each month too.

Obviously, low cost dental insurance plans aren't all that they're made up to be. There are other options out there, such as dental discount plans, that may be a better decision for you and your family. The choice is up to you.

Watch The New Video "Dental Discount Plans vs Dental Insurance". Find Out The REAL Truth by Visiting Discount-Dental.net or by clicking on Low Cost Dental Insurance Plans. Joe Stewart is a former Life And Health Insurance Agent that now works for himself by providing solid, expert information to consumers.

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